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New York
Artcards brings you to art July 12, 2016

Weekly Outlook

We have a full fun week ahead of us, lots to do and lots to see.

Be sure to check the site often as new shows are added daily. - Alexandra Schoell, Editor.
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Editor's Picks

+ Diane Savona, Jim Butler, Seren Morey, Tommy Mishima, Virginia Wagner "The Soiled Garden" at Buddy Warren Gallery view image »

+ Adam France, Guy Aitchison "Surface & Space" at Sacred Gallery
+ Gabriel de la Mora "Sound Inscriptions on Fabric" curated by Brett Littman at The Drawing Center
+ Boris Ipsum, Dave Singley, Eric Ruggiero, Erik Otto, George Kroenert, Jason Peters, Lala Abaddon, Lucinda Grange, Will Penny "Night and Day" curated by Lynzy Blair at Joseph Gross view image »
+ Stef Mitchell "Girl" at Red Hook Labs

+ Keri Oldham "BLOOD BANNER" at Lazy Susan Gallery view image »

Full Listings (All Art Events This Week)

Tuesday, July 12

Andrea Bergart, Genesis Belanger, Karen Lederer, Sharon Madanes "Simple Pleasures" at Cuevas Tilleard Projects
Chinatown/LES: 142 Henry street, 6-9pm

+ Diane Savona, Jim Butler, Seren Morey, Tommy Mishima, Virginia Wagner "The Soiled Garden" at Buddy Warren Gallery
Soho: 171 Chrystie street, 6-9pm
view image »

Jesse Chapman, Shaun Krupa "Is Panpsychism the Engine of Art?" at Greenspon
Soho: 71 Morton street, 6-8pm

Serena Scapagnini "Synapses" curated by Nicollette Ramirez at Studio Vendome
4 Street: 330 Spring street, 6-8pm

Donald Sultan, James Rosenquist, Jim Dine, Robert Rauschenberg "Annual Summer Sale" curated by Dru Arstark, Jim Kempner, Sarah Bielicky at Jim Kempner Fine Art
23 street: 501 W 23 street, 10am-6pm
view image »

Nick Gentry "Psychic Compound" at C24 Gallery
24 street: 560 W 24 street, 6-8pm
view image »

Lecture: "Tracing the Afterlives of Communism in Contemporary Art from Eastern Europe" at New York Public Library (Stephen A. Schwarzman Building)
42 street: 476 Fifth avenue, 6-7:30pm

Wednesday, July 13

Screening: Animation Nights New York "July Pictures" curated by Yvonne Grzenkowicz at 180 Maiden Lane Gallery
Downtown: 180 Maiden lane, 8-11pm

Brent Birnbaum "Voyeur Voyager Forager Forester" at Denny Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 261 Broome St, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: "Conversation between Christopher Russell & Tom Piché Jr." at Julie Saul Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 195 Chrystie street, 6-7pm

Performance: Jamie Sneider "Paris Notes" at Feuer/Mesler
Chinatown/LES: 319 Grand street, floor 2, 6:30pm

Gregory Elms "Transience" at Artifact
Chinatown/LES: 84 Orchard Street, b/w Broome & Grand, 6-8pm
view image »

Aggelo Nairod "Photographs" at Artifact
Chinatown/LES: 84 Orchard Street, b/w Broome & Grand, 6-8pm
view image »

Michael De Feo at Danziger Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 95 Rivington street, 6:30-8pm

Capucine Bourcart, Sui Park "Uncommon Landscapes" curated by Leanne Stella at Art In FLUX
18 street: 163 Lenox avenue, 6-9pm

Shrines To Speed "Art and the Automobile: From the Post-war to the Post-modern" at Leila Heller Gallery
25 street: 568 West 25th Street, 6-8pm

Donald Sultan, James Rosenquist, Joseph Beuys, Lawrence Weiner, Man Ray, Robert Arneson, Stephanie Syjuco, Willie Cole, Yayoi Kusama "9 Objects" at RYAN LEE
26 street: 515 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Eva Lundsager "Other Night Other Light" at Van Doren Waxter
73 street: 23 E 73 street, 6-8pm

Eva Lundsager "'Other Night Other Light'" at Van Doren Waxter
73 street: 23 E 73 street, 6-8pm

Alexander Calder, Allan D'Arcangelo, Bernie Taupin, Doug Argue, Jean-Francois Rauzier, Kim Keever, Larry Rivers, Sonia Gechtoff "Summer Exhibition: Post-War & Contemporary Artists" at Waterhouse and Dodd New York
75 street: 960 Madison Avenue, 2rd fl, 6-8pm

Juha Metso, Karoline Hjorth, Linda Cunningham, Nozomi Rose, Riitta Ikonen, Robin Rapoport "Nature, Climate, Art" curated by Inka Juslin, Tarja Silverman at BronxArtSpace
140 street: 305 E 140 street, suite 1A, 6-9pm

"Cocktails and Collecting: The Print Edition" at Ground Floor Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 343 5th Street, 6-9pm

Ali Printz, Amanda Field, Amy Weil, Amy Williams, Cricket Desmarais, Gina Magid, Joseph Barral, Lala Abbadon, Michael Amendolara, Mo Baretta, Nicole Callihan, Re Jin Lee, Sanjana Nair "The Deeply Flawed Human" curated by Smith&Jones;Art at Court Tree Collective
Brooklyn, Misc.: 371 Court street, 2nd Floor, 6-9pm
view image »

Cara Enteles, Charles Clary, David Konigsberg, June Edmonds, Margaret Lanzetta, Mary Judge, Roger Ricco, Waddy Armstrong "Flower Power" curated by Kenise Barnes at Kenise Barnes Fine Art
Larchmont: 1947 Palmer avenue, 6:30-8pm

Thursday, July 14

Giselle Hicks, Halsey Rodman, Margaret Lanzetta, Sheila Pepe "CERAMICS NOW" at Greenwich House (Pottery)
Downtown: 16 Jones street, 6-8pm

Rebecca Goyette "Ghost Bitch U.S.A." at Freight + Volume
Chinatown/LES: 97 Allen street, 7-10pm

Preview: "Sharing Models: Manhattanisms" at Storefront for Art and Architecture
Chinatown/LES: 97 Kenmare street, 7-9pm

+ Adam France, Guy Aitchison "Surface & Space" at Sacred Gallery
Soho: 424 Broadway, floor 2, 8-11pm

William Helburn "Ad Man" at Staley / Wise Gallery
Soho: 560 Broadway, 6-8pm

Various artists "Open Sessions 1" curated by Lisa Sigal, Nova Benway at The Drawing Center
Soho: 35 Wooster street, 6-8pm

+ Gabriel de la Mora "Sound Inscriptions on Fabric" curated by Brett Littman at The Drawing Center
Soho: 35 Wooster street, 6-8pm

"Two Artists, One Family" at 14th Street Y
14 street: E 14th street , (between 1st and 2nd Avenues), 7:30pm

Screening: Elizabeth Knowlton, Mary Boo Anderson, Ryann Slauson, Steve Roggenbuck "The Future Folds Into Today" at Babycastles
14 street: 137 W 14 street, 2nd Fl , $5 donation, 7-9:30 pm
view image »

Artist Talk: Joy Episalla, Lodz Joseph, Rafael Sanchez "IV Embrace: On Caregiving & Creativity " at The 8th Floor
17 street: 17 W 17th St, 6-8:30pm

Preview: "Art From the Boros IV" at Denise Bibro Fine Art (Platform Project Space)
20 street: 529 W 20 street, floor 4, 6-9pm

"Block Party" at Kravets|Wehby Gallery
21 street: 521 W 21 street, 6-8pm

Bryan Graf, Christopher Bucklow, CJ Heyliger, James Welling, Jitka Hanzlová, Kenneth Josephson, Laura Letinsky, Lee Friedlander, Linda Connor, Lynn Saville, Mark Steinmetz, Mary Ellen Bartley, Matthew Jensen, Mitch Epstein, Olivo Barbieri, Orit Raff, Ray Metzker, Rinko Kawauchi, Roe Ethridge, Tim Davis, Tokihiro Sato, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yosuke Takeda "LUX: The Radiant Sea" at Yancey Richardson Gallery
22 street: 525 W 22 street, floor 3, 6-8pm

Alexander Kaletski, Bradley Hart, Leah Yerpe, Nadine Faraj, Patty Horing "SUMMER HOURS" at Anna Zorina Gallery
23 street: 533 W 23 street, 6-8pm

Anna Mikhailovskaia, Lauren Clay, Rachel Stern, Ricardo Gonzalez, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Tracy Thomason "Monochromatic" at Asya Geisberg Gallery
23 street: 537B W 23 street, 6-8pm

Chhour Kaloon "Poetic Abstraction" at Visio Dell'Arte Gallery
23 street: 522 W 23 street, 6:30pm-9:30pm

Rebecca Gray Rolke "Restive Eye: Observations of Nature and the City" at Bowery Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, floor 4, 5-8pm

"ORANGES NO ORANGES" at Blue Mountain Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, floor 4, 5-8pm

Adam Miller, Justin Wood, Sally Fama Cochrane, Samuel Hung, Steve Cope "ATELIER SHOW" at Gallery Henoch
25 street: 555 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Dynamic Visions, Figuratively Speaking "Color, Culture, and Art in NYC at Agora Gallery" at Agora Gallery (chelsea)
25 street: 530 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Gallery Artists "Conventions" at Noho-M55 Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, 5-7pm

"2016 Aperture Summer Open: Photography Is Magic" at Aperture Foundation
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 4, 6-8pm

Dorothy A. Culpepper "Metallic on the Wall" at Montserrat
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 5, 6-8pm

Alexis Nunnelly, Brian Johnson, Danielle Riede, Jake Sneath, Jody Kinnermon, Kevin Bielicki, Lesley Baker, Robert Horvat, Valerie Eickmeier "HERRON" at Garvey Simon Art Access
27 street: 547 W 27th Street, suite 207, 6-8pm

108 artists represented "CONNECTIONS:Artists Selecting Artists, a JURIED SUMMER INVITATIONAL" curated by Roni Sherman Ramos and Jeff Miller at Atlantic Gallery
28 street: 548 W 28 street, #540, 5-8pm

+ Boris Ipsum, Dave Singley, Eric Ruggiero, Erik Otto, George Kroenert, Jason Peters, Lala Abaddon, Lucinda Grange, Will Penny "Night and Day" curated by Lynzy Blair at Joseph Gross
28 street: 548 W 28 street, 2nd Floor, 6-8pm
view image »

Aaron Johnson, Daniel Rich, Ed Templeton, Jane LaFarge Hamill, Johnny Abrahams, Mark Mulroney, Parra "Summer Mixer" at Joshua Liner Gallery
28 street: 540 W 28th st, 6-8pm
view image »

"2016 Small Works Exhibition" at National Association of Women Artists (N.A.W.A.)
39 street: 315 W 39 street, Suite 508, 5-7pm

Workshop: Allison Maletz "Large Scale Painting in Watercolor" at National Academy Museum & School of Fine Arts
89 street: 1083 Fifth avenue, at 89 street, Thursdays: 12:15pm-6:15pm

Performance: Don Byron "Bang on a Can" at The Jewish Museum
92 street: 1109 Fifth avenue, at 92 street, $12-18, 7:30pm

Artist Talk: Damien Davis, Lyle Ashton Harris "A Conversation about OBJECT/AFFECTION" at Black Ball Projects
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 374 Bedford avenue, RSVP mandatory to, 8.30pm

Ann Hirsch, Borna Sammak, Clark Filio, Paris Hynes, Rebecca Fin Simonetti "U:L:O: Part I 2016 | U: Al Bedell" Young Adult at Interstate Projects
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 66 Knickerbocker Ave, 6-9pm

Alina Tenser, Kristen Jensen "U:L:O: Part I 2016 | L: Nichole Caruso" Something Bright, Then Holes at Interstate Projects
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 66 Knickerbocker Ave, 6-9pm

Corinna Helenelund, Harry Sanderson, Lydia Ourahmane "U:L:O: Part I 2016 | O: Jupiter Woods" that a body knows regardless at Interstate Projects
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 66 Knickerbocker Ave, 6-9pm

Bruno Gironcoli, Calvin Marcus, Harold Ancart, Huma Bhabha, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Marguerite Humeau, Marina Pinsky, Zak Kitnick "FRITTO MISTO" at C L E A R I N G
Brooklyn, Misc.: 396 Johnson avenue, 6-9pm

David Dixon "Atavistic Expressionistic Primitivism" at Cathouse FUNeral
Brooklyn, Misc.: 260 Richardson street, 6-9pm
view image »

Performance: Chris Schlottmann, Fpoafm: Nomadic Studios Ceramics Collective, Maya Jefferies, The Mayday Collective "Flux Thursday: Interdependence Day BYOBBQ Potluck" curated by Christina Freeman at flux factory
Queens: 39-31 29th street, 8-10pm

Rob Ventura "Les Fleurs du Mal" curated by Enrico Gomez at Pop-up Gallery (Majestic Theatre Condominium Gallery)
Jersey City: 222 Montgomery street, 6-8pm
view image »

+ Stef Mitchell "Girl" at Red Hook Labs
Redhook: 133-135 Imlay street, 7-10pm

Friday, July 15

Hannah Schneider, Kate Stone "How We End: Fictions" at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space
Chinatown/LES: 120 Essex street, 5-8pm

Group Show ""A Deeper Dive"" curated by Andrew Barron, Jonathan David Katz at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
Soho: 26 Wooster street, 6-8pm

David Henry Nobody Jr, Doug Henders, Gavin Wilson, Jane LaFarge Hamill, Lisa Levy "Phreeek Magnet" curated by Joanne Leah, Savannah Spirit at Undercurrent Projects
5 Street: 215 E 5 street, off Bowery, 7-10pm

Screening: Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone, Hans Richter, Jan Tichy, Jens Schmohl, Judith Pearlman, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Schroeter and Berger, Viking Eggeling, William Cameron Menzies "Films to Come: Moholy-Nagy and the Moving Image" curated by Karole P. B. Vail at The Guggenheim Museum
89 street: 1071 Fifth avenue, at 89 street, 11am-5:45pm

Duane Bruton curated by Zoe Laird at Muchmore's
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 2 Havemeyer St, 6-9pm
view image »

Kate Nielsen, Mark Mann, Michael Hambouz, Scott Chasse., Thomas Henry "Studiomates" at Calico
Brooklyn, Greenpoint: 67 West St, #206, 7-9pm

Alison Woods, Chris Trueman, David Spanbock and others., Jenny Hager, Kimberly Rowe, Lisa Sanditz, Max Presneill, Nadege Monchera Baer, Rodney Dickson, Tom Dunn "Mondrian Died for Our Sins" curated by Max Presneill and David Spanbock at BLAM
Brooklyn, Misc.: 56 Bogart street, 6-9pm

WizardSkull "What aBart Bob" at Pop-up Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 1205 Manhattan avenue, Unit 1-4-1, 6-9pm

Jane Cogger "Mary of Cain" curated by Heather Rae Hatton at Club 157
Brooklyn, Misc.: 157 Manhattan avenue, 6-9pm

Performance: Katherine Bauer "Lunation Nine: Nightshades of the Thunder Moon" at Microscope Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 1329 Willoughby avenue, #2B, 7:30pm

Adam Parker Smith, Jen Stark, Josh Reames, Letha Wilson, Mia Fonssagrives-Solow, Mimi Smith, Miriam Schapiro, Rob Wynne, Rogan Gregory, Ryan Metke, Sara Braman, Sebastian Errazuriz, Slater Bradley, Sven Lukin "MirrorMirror" at Eric Firestone Gallery
East Hampton, NY: 4 Newtown Lane, 6-9pm

Saturday, July 16

+ Keri Oldham "BLOOD BANNER" at Lazy Susan Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 191 Henry street, 5-7pm
view image »

Jesse Chun "ON PAPER" at Spencer Brownstone
Soho: 3 Wooster street, 6-8pm

Screening: ''BLACKFISH'' "Free Movie Screening" at Studio 26
4 Street: 179 E 3 street, 7-9pm
view image »

Mike Scully, Scott Greenfield "Black & White" at Gowanus Darkroom
7 Street: 160 7 street, 7pm-middnight

Book Signing: Platon "Service" at Milk Gallery
15 street: 450 W 15 street, 7-9pm

and Carolyn Salas, Becca Albee, Carolyn Carr, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Catherine Czacki, Mia Goyette, Michelle Grabner, Rachel Debuque, Ria Roberts "Radical Plastic" curated by Rachel Reese at CUE Art Foundation
25 street: 137 W 25 street, 6-8pm

"I’d Rather Be Here Than Almighty" at 315 Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 312 Livingston street, 4-7pm

Marc Dalessio "Rediscovers Italy" at Grenning Gallery
East Hampton, NY: 17 Washington Street, 6:30-8pm

Sunday, July 17

Screening: "THIS: a queer legacy of graphic art and play" curated by Bradford Nordeen at Participant Inc.
Chinatown/LES: 253 E Houston street, 7-9pm

Amy Pryor, Emilio Perez, JoAnne Carson, Justin Berry, Kira Nam Greene, Laurie Hogin, Polly Apfelbaum, Portia Munson, Roberley Bell, Shinique Smith, Vandana Jain "Nature Pops!" curated by Danni Shen, Gabriel de Guzman, Jennifer McGregor at Wave Hill (Glyndor Gallery)
249 street: W 249 street and Independence avenue, 2-4:30pm

Artist Talk: Hrag Vartanian and Björn Meyer-Ebrecht at Studio10
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 56 Bogart Street, 3pm

Ryan Oskin "Five Facets" at Java Street Studios
Brooklyn, Misc.: 252 Java street, 4-7pm

Alexandra Smith, Katherine Toukhy "And Still, She Grows Flower in Her Flesh" at FiveMyles
Brooklyn, Misc.: 558 St. Johns place, 4:30-7pm


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