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New York
Artcards brings you to art September 11, 2012

Weekly Outlook

The second week into the fall season continues to feature long awaited exhibitions. Major institutions will bring ambitious projects to fruition, while new spaces will open their doors for the first time with inaugural shows.

This week Gagosian and Marianne Boesky will be opening shows at their multiple locations in Chelsea, as well as uptown. Thomas Hirschhorn will unveil the highly anticipated Concordia, Concordia at Gladstone, followed by a talk at Dia:Chelsea during the weekend. Peter Blum, Marian Goodman and Metro Pictures among other authorities will be also featuring new exhibitions this week.

Other highlights include the opening the Barney Kulok's show Building at Nicole Klagsbrun which coincides with the release of his new book of the same name published by Aperture Foundation. Also, make sure not to miss the debut of P! in Chinatown, and performances during the show of Elad Lassry at The Kitchen.
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Editor's Picks

+ Kate Steciw "boundless hyper" at toomer labzda
+ Judy Fiskin "The End of Photography and Selected Photographs" at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery
+ Juergen Teller "Irene im Wald" at The Journal Gallery

+ Takeshi Murata "Synthesizers" at Salon 94 (Bowery)
+ Thomas Hirschhorn "Concordia, Concordia" at Gladstone Gallery
+ Amy Feldman, Andrew Guenther, Cora Cohen, Elizabeth Huey, Kurt Lightner, Sarah Gamble "Assemble 2012" at Edward Thorp Gallery
+ Barney Kulok "Building" at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
+ Diana Al-Hadid "The Vanishing Point" at Marianne Boesky Gallery

Full Listings (All Art Events This Week)

Tuesday, September 11

Anjolie Ela Menon, F. N. Souza, Jehangir Sabavala, M. F. Husain, Ram Kumar, S. H. Raza, Sadequain "Iconic Processions" Sacred Stones to Modern Masterpieces at Aicon Gallery
4 Street: 35 Great Jones street, rsvp at, 6-9pm

"APP ART: Painted Paper" at TNC Gallery
10 street: 155 First Avenue, 7-10pm
view image »

Richard Phillips at Gagosian Gallery
24 street: 555 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Andrea Branzi "Trees & Stones" at Friedman Benda Gallery
26 street: 515 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Book launch: Jennifer & Kevin McCoy at 601Artspace
26 street: 601 W 26 street, suite 1755, 6-8pm

Minol Araki at Erik Thomsen Gallery
67 street: 23 East 67th St, 5-8pm

Torkil Gudnason at Edelman Arts
74 street: 136 E 74 street, rsvp at, 6-10pm

? Nakamura Takuo "Revisiting Rimpa" at Joan B Mirviss LTD
78 street: 39 E 78 street, floor 4, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Wednesday, September 12

Ahmet Ogut, Alexandre Singh, Claire Fontaine, Iman Issa, Mounir Fatmi, Shilpa Gupta, Tala Madani, Tomáš Rafa "UNREST: Revolt against Reason" curated by Natalie Musteata at apexart
Downtown: 291 Church street, b/w Walker & White, 6-8pm

Travis Boyer "it's on the house; hope you like it" at Jack Hanley Gallery
Downtown: 136 Watts street, 6-8pm

Daniel Joseph Martinez "I want to go to Detroit: cheerleaders CHEER" at Simon Preston Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 301 Broome street, 6-8pm

Peter Scott "Pardon Our Disappearance Part One" at 3A Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 179 Canal Street, 6-8pm

Teresita Fernandez "Night Writing" at Lehmann Maupin
Chinatown/LES: 201 Chrystie street, at Stanton street, 6-9pm

Sabrina Gschwandtner "Sunshine and Shadow" at LMAKprojects
Chinatown/LES: 139 Eldridge street, 6-9pm

+ Kate Steciw "boundless hyper" at toomer labzda
Chinatown/LES: 100 Forsyth street, A, 6-8pm

Sam Samore "Library of Appearances" at Team Gallery
Soho: 83 Grand street, b/w wooster & greene, 6-8pm

Zachary Fabri "Marrow in the Morrows" at Third Streaming
Soho: 10 Greene street, 6-8pm
view image »

Rebecca Jewell "Birds Becoming Artefacts" at Rebecca Hossack Gallery NYC
Soho: 262 Mott street, 6:30-8:30pm
view image »

Sam Samore "1973" at Team Gallery
Soho: 47 Wooster street, 6-8pm

"How do we look? Photographs by Engineering Students" at Cooper Union (Arthur A. Houghton Jr. Gallery)
7 Street: 7 E 7 street, floor 2, 6:30pm

Antoni Muntadas, Doug Ashford, Ganzeer, Ida Applebroog, Igor Grubić, Iman Issa, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Lincoln Tobier, Liu Wei, Mircea Cantor, REPOcommons, REPOhistory, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Sharon Haye, Theo Ellsworth & Caleb Monroe, Will Kwan "Ruptures: Forms of Public Address" curated by Saskia Bos, Steven Lam at Cooper Union (41 Cooper Gallery)
8 street: 41 Cooper Square, 6-8pm

"Russia Rising: Votes for Freedom" at SVA (Westside Gallery)
21 street: 141 W 21 street, 6-8pm

Benoit Bussiere "I Love You" at CREON Gallery
24 street: 238 E 24 street, suite 1B, 6-9pm
view image »

Manji Inoue "Mystical White Porcelain" at Ippodo Gallery
26 street: 521 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Luis Camnitzer at Alexander Gray Associates
26 street: 508 W 26 street, suite 215, 6-8pm

"Distance and Desire: Encounters with the African Archive" Part I: Santu Mofokeng and A.M. Duggan-Cronin at The Walther Collection Project Space
26 street: 526 West 26th Street, suite 718, 6-8pm

Reading: V. Penelope Pelizzon 2012 Chapbook Program Winner at Center for Book Arts
27 street: 28 W 27 street, floor 3, 6:30pm

Allison Malinsky "Retorno" at 4 4 3 P A S
30 street: 443 Park Avenue South, suite 604, 6-8pm

"Against The Specialist" Contemporary References to Arnold Schoenberg in Image and Sound curated by Eva Fischer at Austrian Cultural Forum
52 street: 11 E 52 street, 6-8pm

Elisa Lendvay "Small Sculpture" at Jason McCoy Inc.
57 street: 41 E 57 street, floor 11, 6-8pm

Bryan Osburn "One and Others" at Jason McCoy Inc.
57 street: 41 E 57 street, floor 11, 6-8pm

+ Judy Fiskin "The End of Photography and Selected Photographs" at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery
57 street: 730 Fifth avenue, at w 57 street, 6-8pm, book signing 5-7

? Ray K. Metzker, Ruth Thorne-Thomsen "Two Of A Mind" at Laurence Miller Gallery
57 street: 20 W 57 street, floor 3, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Gerhard Richter "Painting 2012" at Marian Goodman Gallery
57 street: 24 W 57 street, room 301, 6-8pm

"A Visual Essay on Gutai" curated by Midori Nishizawa at Hauser & Wirth New York
69 street: 32 E 69 street, 6-8pm

Richard Gordon at Gitterman Gallery
75 street: 170 E 75 street, 6-8pm

Karin Kneffel at Gagosian Gallery (uptown)
76 street: 980 Madison avenue, at 76 street, 5th fl, 6-8pm

? Joseph Kosuth "Freud, Wittgenstein and Musil" at Leo Castelli Gallery
77 street: 18 E 77 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Artist Talk: Nakamura Takuo "Revisiting Rimpa" at Joan B Mirviss LTD
78 street: 39 E 78 street, floor 4, rsvp at, 11am

+ Juergen Teller "Irene im Wald" at The Journal Gallery
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 168 North 1st street, 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Ben Davis at NURTUREart Gallery
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 56 Bogart Street, 7pm

Anthony Smith, Ceaphas Stubbs, Conor Backman, Julia Staples, Melanie Flood, Teresa Christiansen, Thomas Jackson "Works" curated by Amani Olu at The Gallery at Eponymy
Brooklyn, Misc.: 466 Bergen street, rsvp at, 7-9pm
view image »

Abraham McNally, Arielle Falk, Carolyn Salas, Ian Umlauf, Jamie Felton, Jong Oh, MaryKate Maher, Matthew C. Wilson "8 Artists Making Sculpture: The 5th Annual Registry Exhibition" curated by Jamie Sterns at BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn (BRIC Rotunda Gallery)
Brooklyn, Misc.: 33 Clinton street, 6-8pm

Daniel Arsham, David Scanavino, Denise Kupferschmidt, Jose Parla, Kim Westfall, Rachel Owens, Tatiana Berg "2012 Next Wave Art" curated by David Harper at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
Brooklyn, Misc.: 30 Lafayette avenue, 6-8pm

"Identity Blueprint" at Newark Museum
Newark: 49 Washington street, 5:30-8pm

Thursday, September 13

Brendan Cass "7 North" at KANSAS
Downtown: 59 Franklin street, 6-8pm

Lecture: "Long Island Modernism: 1930-1980" at 92Y (TiBeCa)
Downtown: 200 Hudson street, $12, noon-1pm

Jin Shan "There Is No End To This Road" at Masters & Pelavin
Downtown: 13 Jay street, 6-8pm

+ Takeshi Murata "Synthesizers" at Salon 94 (Bowery)
Chinatown/LES: 243 Bowery, 6-8pm

Rose Marcus "Wits End" at Eli Ping
Chinatown/LES: 131B Eldridge St, 6-8pm

William Wegman "Drawings for a Better Tomorrow and a Worse Yesterday" at Salon 94
Chinatown/LES: 1 Freeman alley, 6-8pm

? Desi Santiago "This Pop is Perfection" at envoy enterprises
Chinatown/LES: 87 Rivington St, b/w broome and delancey, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Adam Green, Macaulay Culkin, Toby Goodshank "3MB Collective" at Le Poisson Rouge
Soho: 158 Bleecker street, b/w Thompson & Sullivan, 10pm

Harry Benson "Work" at Staley / Wise Gallery
Soho: 560 Broadway, 6-8pm

Book Signing: Caleb Cain Marcus "Portrait Of Ice" at Clic Bookstore & Gallery
Soho: 255 Centre street, 6-8pm

Anne de Vries, Michael Bell-Smith, Rafael Rozendaal, Travess Smalley "Bright Lights After Armageddon" at Pablo's Birthday
Soho: 25 Cleveland Pl, 6-9pm

Laura Vitale "White Sands" at Recess Activities, Inc.
Soho: 41 Grand street, 6-8pm

Liza Lacroix "Works" curated by Candamill at Candamill Gallery 89
Soho: 89 Mercer street, RSVP to, 7-10pm
view image »

Freddy Reitz, Gus Heinze, Joe McDermott, Peter Stanick, Sandra Rauch "Abstract Realism" at Lumas
Soho: 362 West Broadway, 6-8pm

Piero Guccione "Il Gruppo di Scicli" curated by Frank Bernarducci at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery
5 Street: 3 W 5 st, 5-7pm

Michael Mut "SideWalks" at Michael Mut Gallery
7 Street: 97 Avenue C, 6-8pm
view image »

Screening: Regine Schumann "Luminous" at CoWorker Projects (Entwine)
12 street: 765 Washington Street, 8-10pm

Wenzhi Zhang "Natural Lacquer Paintings" curated by Cole Harrell at Joy Wai Gallery
18 street: 122 West 18th St, 6-9pm
view image »

Performance: Elad Lassry "Untitled (Presence)" at The Kitchen
19 street: 512 W 19 street, $10, 8:30pm

"Fluxus Happening" at George Maciunas / Fluxus Foundation
19 street: 454 W 19th St, rsvp at, 6-8pm

Ralph Humphrey at Gary Snyder Gallery
20 street: 529 W 20 street, floor 10, 6-8pm

+ Thomas Hirschhorn "Concordia, Concordia" at Gladstone Gallery
21 street: 530 W 21 street, 6-8pm

Amanda Dickerson, Dennis Michael Jones, Gustavo Rizerio, Jean-Crepin Habdaphai Alerte, Joseph Meloy, Katya Grokhovsky, Liz-N-Val, Radical!, Robin Scheines, Savannah Spirit, Thierry Alet, Yeji Jun "Sketchbook Show" curated by Thierry Alet at Galerie Protégé
22 street: 197 Ninth avenue, lower level, 6-9pm

Reading: "Readings in Contemporary Poetry: Judith Malina and Filip Marinovich" at Dia Art Foundation
22 street: 535 W 22 street, floor 5, $6, 6:30pm

Frank Benson, Peter Fischli and David Weiss "Airports and Extrusions" at Andrew Kreps
22 street: 525 W 22 street, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Oded Hirsch at Camera Club of New York (School of Visual Arts Ampitheatre)
23 street: 209 East 23rd St, $5, 7pm

Sergey Bratkov "Balaklava Drive" at Leo Koenig Inc. (Formerly Leo Koenig Inc. Projekte)
23 street: 541 W 23 street, 6-8pm

Wendy White "Pix Vää" at Leo Koenig Inc.
23 street: 545 W 23 street, 6-8pm

Astrid Svangren "It is about four animalistic scents; Rose-scented saddle of lamb; Lily-scented matter; Shaken out and rustled; On a soft pillow; As if running across the heath; Claustrophobic yet exact; I allow for my body to fall" at Tracy Williams Ltd
23 street: 521 W 23 street, 6-8pm

Randy Polumbo "Love Stream" at Steven Kasher Gallery
23 street: 521 W 23 street, 6-8pm

+ Amy Feldman, Andrew Guenther, Cora Cohen, Elizabeth Huey, Kurt Lightner, Sarah Gamble "Assemble 2012" at Edward Thorp Gallery
24 street: 210 Eleventh avenue, at w 24 street, floor 6, 6-8pm

Trey Speegle "Good Luck With That" at Benrimon Contemporary, LLC
24 street: 514 W 24 street, floor 2, 6-8pm

+ Barney Kulok "Building" at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
24 street: 532 W 24 street, 6-8pm

"SKYLAR FEIN " at C24 Gallery
24 street: 514 W 24 street, 6-8pm

+ Diana Al-Hadid "The Vanishing Point" at Marianne Boesky Gallery
24 street: 509 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Andreas Slominski "Sperm" at Metro Pictures
24 street: 519 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Andrea Zittel "Fluid Panel State" at Andrea Rosen
24 street: 525 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Regine Schumann "Luminous" at De Buck Gallery
25 street: 511 W 25 street, suite 502, 6-8pm

Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe "Stray Light Grey" at Marlborough Gallery (Chelsea)
25 street: 545 W 25 street, 6-10pm

Ruud van Empel, Thordis Adalsteinsdottir at Stefan Stux Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Jean Grangeon, Katheryn Holt, Keun Young Park, Koosuke IRKT Ikeda, Lauren Bergman, Marybeth Rothman "C'est quoi la femme?" at Tria Gallery
25 street: 531 W 25 street, ground floor #5, 6-8pm

David Kassan at Gallery Henoch
25 street: 555 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Paul Kolker "The Dot Is In!...Reflections On Roberts Rules" at Paul Kolker (formerly Studio 601)
25 street: 511 W 25 street, salon, 6-8pm

Paul Waldman "New Paintings and Sculptures" at Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.
25 street: 514 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Alexis Duque "Metropolis" at Praxis International Art
25 street: 541 West 25th St, 6-8pm

Beth Cavener Stichter "Come Undone" at Claire Oliver
26 street: 513 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Chris Johanson "Windows" at Mitchell - Innes & Nash (Chelsea)
26 street: 534 W 26 street, 6-8pm

? Mr. "Metamorphosis: Give Me Your Wings " at Lehmann Maupin
26 street: 540 W 26 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Shen Wei "I Miss You Already" at Daniel Cooney Fine Art
26 street: 508 W 26th Street, suite 9C, 6-8pm

Ann Toebbe, Eric Hibit, Gina Beavers, Irena Jurek, Ted Mineo "Field Projects Show #7: Sunday Paintings for a Rainy Day" curated by Hein Koh at Field Projects
26 street: 526 W 26th Street, #807, 6-8pm

Robert Ludwig "Recent Drawings & Paintings" at Carter Burden Center for the Aging (Gallery 307)
27 street: 307 Seventh avenue, suite 1401, 5-7pm

Bethany Marchman "Bless Your Heart" at Bold Hype
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 5, 6-9pm

"Artists Choose Artists" at Flomenhaft Gallery
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 2, 6-8pm

? Masami Teraoka "Cloisters Inquisition" at (Art) Amalgamated LLC [Project Space]
28 street: 317 10th Avenue, b/w 28th and 29th st, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

"Yin & Yang: Fusing Complementary Opposites" at Viridian Artists
28 street: 548 W 28th, suite 632, 6-8pm

Luisa Rabbia "Coming and Going" at Peter Blum
29 street: 526 W 29 street, 6-8pm
view image »

Eugen Schönebeck "1957-1967" at David Nolan Gallery
29 street: 527 W 29 street, 6-8pm

Erick Johnson "New Works" at Heskin Contemporary
37 street: 443 W 37 street, 6-9pm

Lindsay Kolk "Seeking Silence" at Space 38|39
39 street: 38 W 39 street, floor 3, 7-9pm
view image »

William Tucker "Present and Past" at McKee Gallery
57 street: 745 Fifth avenue, at w 57 street, 6-8pm

Sally Mann "Upon Reflection" at Edwynn Houk Gallery
57 street: 745 Fifth avenue, at w 57 street, 6-8pm

Sally Mann "Upon Reflection" at Edwynn Houk Gallery
57 street: 745 Fifth avenue, at w 57 street, 6-8pm

Karim Rashid "20x12" at Gering & Lopez Gallery
57 street: 730 Fifth avenue, at 57 street, 6-8pm

Book Signing: Antonio Lopez "Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco" at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery
57 street: 37 W 57 street, at w 57 street, 5-7pm

"New York School" at Anita Shapolsky
65 street: 152 E 65 street, 6-8pm

Peter E. Poskas III "New Paintings" at Hirschl & Adler Modern
70 street: 21 E 70 street, 5-7pm

Mark Grotjahn at Gagosian Gallery (uptown)
76 street: 980 Madison avenue, at 76 street, 5th fl, 6-8pm

Ahmet Civelek "Number 1" at Galerie Mourlot
79 street: 16 E 79 street, 6-9pm

? Mike Kelley "Memory Ware Flats" at Skarstedt Gallery, Ltd
79 street: 20 E 79 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Lecture: Joseph D. Ketner II "Robert S. Duncanson: An Antebellum African American Artist" at Columbia University (Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Gallery, Schermerhorn Hall)
116 street: Broadway at W 116 street, free, 5:30-6:30pm, reception to follow

Helen Sear at Klompching Gallery
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 111 Front street, floor 2, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Jo Q. Nelson, Nathaniel Katz, Sonya Schönberger, Valentina Curandi at flux factory
Queens: 39-31 29th street, 8pm

Friday, September 14

Carla Gannis "The Multiversal Hippozoonomadon & Prismenagerie" at Pablo's Birthday
Chinatown/LES: 526 Canal street, 6-9pm

Steel, Victor Reyes "All Write You Scumbags" at Klughaus Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 47 Monroe street, 6-10pm
view image »

Cody S. Brothers "Illuminated Landscapes" curated by Ivy Brown at Ivy Brown Gallery
14 street: 675 Hudson street, floor 4N, 6-8pm
view image »

Performance: Elad Lassry "Untitled (Presence)" at The Kitchen
19 street: 512 W 19 street, $10, 8:30pm

Alessandro Pessoli "Fired People" at Anton Kern
20 street: 532 W 20 street, 6-8pm

Charline von Heyl, Dan Graham, Dash Snow, Elizabeth Peyton, Emily Wardill, Gordon Matta-Clark, Hilary Lloyd, J. St. Bernard, Jean Cocteau, Josephine Pryde, Kaucyila Brooke, Ken Okiishi, Lucy McKenzie, Mary Simpson, Sarah Lucas, Ull Hohn "now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern." at Bortolami
20 street: 520 W 20 street, 6-8pm

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye at Jack Shainman Gallery
20 street: 513 W 20 street, 6-8pm

Suzanne Harris "Glass Sculptures & Works on Paper" at Salomon Contemporary
26 street: 526 W 26 street, suite 519, 5-8pm

Florian Göttke, Niels Stomps, Pierre Le Hors, Rebecca Sakoun, Wytske van Keulen "Vague Storytelling" curated by Grant Willing, Leslie Grant at Camera Club of New York
37 street: 336 W 37 street, 6-8pm

Kate Bellm "Technicolor Dreaming" at Moeller Fine Art
64 street: 35 E 64th St, 6-8pm

O Zhang "I Am Your Mirror" at Vilcek Foundation Gallery
73 street: 167 E 73 street, 6-9pm

"Faces" curated by Kai Heath at Heath Gallery
120 street: 24 W 120 street, 7-9pm

Miguel Ovalle "Stealth Reflections" at Mighty Tanaka Gallery
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 111 Front Street, Suite 224, 6-9pm

"Wildlife in the Post-Natural Age Exhibition" at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 135 Broadway, 6-9pm

"Words to be Seen & the Sound of Speech" at AD Projects (Reverse Space)
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 28 Frost street, 7-9pm

Mike Rogers "Herr und Frau" at Parker's Box
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 193 Grand street, 6-9pm

"The Others" at Gitana Rosa Gallery
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 19 Hope street, #7, 6-10pm

Michael Sorgatz "Streetwise" at Figureworks
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 168 N 6th street, 7-9pm

Philip Riley "The House of Dreams" at Skink Ink Fine Art Editions
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 177 North 10th Street, room G, 7-10pm

Catherine Czacki, Donna Huanca, Luke Stettner, Pablo Guardiola "Lightness of Being" at Present Company
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 101 North 13th St, 6-11pm

Andrew Ohanesian "The House Party" at Pierogi (The Boiler)
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 191 North 14th street, 7-10pm

Ben Dowell, Dan Walsh, Edward Schexnayder, Hugo Pernet, Joyce Kim, Stephen Felton, Stephen Sprott "Erased" at ventana244
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 244 North 6th street, 6-9pm

Mark Masyga at Front Room Gallery
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 147 Roebling street, 7-10pm

Glenn Barr at The Cotton Candy Machine
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 235 South 1st street, 7-11pm

Norman Mooney "Close Your Eyes" at Causey Contemporary
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 92 Wythe avenue, 6-9pm

Maggie Bard at Greenpoint Gallery
Brooklyn, Greenpoint: 390 McGuinness boulevard, floor 3, 8pm-midnight
view image »

"Occupy Your BFF" at Momenta Art
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 56 Bogart st, 6-9pm

Brian Kokoska "Numb Nothing Close" at et al Projects
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 56 Bogart Street, 6-9pm

Alan and Michael Fleming "Game On" curated by Lucy Smith at The Active Space
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 566 Johnson Ave, #5, 7-10pm
view image »

Aliza Kelly, IIWII Studio, Lulu Obermayer, Sarah Muehlbauer, Shannon Finnegan, Yuanpu Wang "Keep In Touch" curated by Aliza Kelly, Julian A. Jimarez Howard at Sunset Surf Club
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 253 Wilson Avenue, 7-10pm
view image »

Amy Lincoln, Austin Thomas, Brett Baker, Chris Harding, Deborah Brown, Ellen Letcher, Enrico Gomez, James Prez, John Avelluto, Jonathan Terranova, Joy Curtis, Katarina Hybenova, Kevin Curran, Kevin Regan, Lacey Fekishazy, Lars Kremer, Liz Atzberger, Loren Munk, Matthew Mahler, Mike Olin, Paul Behnke, Paul D'Agostino, Rob de Oude, Sharon Butler "HEROES " curated by Julie Torres at Small Black Door
Queens: 19-20 Palmetto street, 6-10pm
view image »

Saturday, September 15

Adam Harvey, Ann Chen, Che-Wei Wang, Danne Woo, Gabriella Levine, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Ivana Basic, Johann Diedrick, Mara Haseltine, Martín Bravo, Matt Richardson, Nancy Burson, Richard Pell, Scott Draves, Suzanne Anker, Taylor Levy, Tony Lim "New Biologies" at 92Y (TiBeCa)
Downtown: 200 Hudson street, 7pm

Gibb Slife "Thick As A Brick" at Fitzroy Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 195 Chrystie Street, b/w Stanton and Rivington, 6-8pm

Andra Ursuta "Magical Terrorism" at Ramiken Crucible
Chinatown/LES: 389 Grand street, 6-8pm

Erica Baum "Naked Eye Anthology" at Bureau
Chinatown/LES: 127 Henry street, 6-8pm

Reading: "Water/Marks" at Heskin Contemporary (Fanelli's Bar)
Soho: 94 Prince St, 2nd fl, 6-10pm

at O.K. Harris Works of Art
Soho: 383 W Broadway, b/w broome & spring, 3-5pm

Amon Tobin, Tessa Farmer "Control Over Nature" at Spencer Brownstone
Soho: 3 Wooster street, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Hal Foster, Thomas Hirschhorn "Timeline: Work in Public Space" at Dia Art Foundation
22 street: 535 W 22 street, floor 5, rsvp, 6:30pm

John Himmelfarb "Thirty Years, Shifting Gears" at Luise Ross Gallery
25 street: 511 W 25 street, floor 3, 2-5pm

Book Signing: Helen Sear at Klompching Gallery (Aperture Gallery and Bookstore)
27 street: 547 W 27th St, 4th fl, 2-4pm

Karl Schrag "The Rhythms of Nature, A Centennial Celebration" at Alexandre Gallery
57 street: 41 E 57 street, floor 13, 1-3pm
view image »

Lucie Fontaine "Estate" at Marianne Boesky Gallery
64 street: 118 E 64 street, 6-8pm

Aaron Schraeter, Adam Fitzgerald at Art Station (Gamine & The Gallery)
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 439 Metropolitan Avenue, 6-9pm

Sam Martineau "Fair Touching" at Rawson Projects
Brooklyn, Greenpoint: 223 Franklin street, 6-8pm

Nicolas Ceccaldi "Wearables" at Real Fine Arts
Brooklyn, Greenpoint: 673 Meeker avenue, 7-10pm

Joel Schlemowitz "Light Objects" at Microscope Gallery
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 4 Charles place, 6-9pm

Benefit: at Bushwick Community Darkroom (Delinquency)
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 1031 Grand St, $15, 8pm-2am

Steven & William Ladd "Shaboygen" at The Invisible Dog
Brooklyn, Misc.: 51 Bergen street, 6-10pm

Joey Frank "Seeker An The Trick" at The Intercourse
Brooklyn, Misc.: 159 Pioneer St., 4-8pm
view image »

Allison Evans "Recent Painting" at Yace Gallery
Queens: 44-02 23rd Street, #109, 4-6pm

Nikki Schiro "Let Them Find an Effigy, They’ll Never Find Me" curated by Maria Boobis at Crossing Art Gallery
Queens: 136-17 39th avenue, 3-6pm
view image »

Screening: Jordan Rathus, William Santen "Nature Deficit Disorder" at Court Square (CTSQ)
Queens: 21-44 45th avenue, suite 2, 7-11pm

Alan Neider, Alexis Neider, Joan Fitzsimmons "Paint is Thicker Than Water" at Local Project (Graffitti Building in front to the PS1)
Queens: 45-10 Davis street, 6-10pm

"A Disagreeable Object" at SculptureCenter
Queens: 44-19 Purves street, 5-7pm

Iona Kleinhaut, Janet Shapiro Walentiny, Joe Walentiny, Marianne Van Lent, Mikel Frank, Ravenna Taylor "Elusive Imagery" at GAS Gallery And Studio
Maplewood, NJ: 411 Ridgewood road, 6-9pm
view image »

Sunday, September 16

Rey Akdogan "night curtain" at Miguel Abreu Gallery
Downtown: 36 Orchard street, at hester street, 6-9pm

Chauncey Hare, Christine Hill, Karel Martens "Process 01: Joy" at P!
Chinatown/LES: 334 Broome St, rsvp at, 4-7pm

Performance: Elad Lassry "Untitled (Presence)" at The Kitchen
19 street: 512 W 19 street, $10, 8:30pm

Graham Collins "Shade Tree" at Soloway
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 348 South 4th St, 6-8pm

Lecture: Patricia Albers "on Joan Mitchell" at Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn, Misc.: 200 Eastern Parkway, 2pm

Monday, September 17

Book launch: Anne Menke "See the World Beautiful" at Clic Bookstore & Gallery
Soho: 255 Centre street, 6-8pm


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