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New York
Artcards brings you to art February 19, 2013

Weekly Outlook

The week starts full of activity and will continue to do so until the weekend. Starting tonight, David Zwirner will be opening an exhibition organized by critic and curator Bob Nickas. Thursday, dozens of galleries including Yancey Richardson, Petzel, Gladstone and Marlborough will be hosting events, while on Friday we are looking forward to the opening of exciting exhibitions at Martos Gallery and Bortolami.

In the LES, we are expecting intriguing shows at Laurel Gitlen and Dodge Gallery; while P! continues its programming of stimulating lectures and workshops bringing together guests such as curator Ruba Katrib from the SculptureCenter and curator of Exit Art and Museum of Chinese in America, Herb Tam.

Make sure not to miss some of the fantastic events featured this week, and to visit our website for daily updates and new events.

Artcards Special Event:
As part of 2013 Armory Arts Week, Opalnest presents "Cura/genda New York: The Dealer's Perspective" in collaboration with Artcards and Independent Collectors. "The Dealer's Perspective" will feature today's prominent players shaping the Lower East Side art scene with first-hand insight from gallerists. This exclusive agenda is site-specific and curated for both visiting guests and locals by native New Yorker Helen Homan Wu (Opalnest). The program includes breakfast at Allegra LaViola Gallery, and afternoon cocktails + artist talk hosted by Mark Fox at his Broadway studio. Members will be accompanied by New York-based artist Frank Webster. For reservations and inquiries contact:
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Editor's Picks

+ Alan Uglow organized by Bob Nickas at David Zwirner

+ "101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides" at Aperture Foundation

+ Christopher Bucklow at Danziger Projects

+ Ben Schumacher "DS+R & the Bar at the Orangerie" at Bortolami
+ Aura Rosenberg "I Know It When I See It" at Martos Gallery view image »

+ Arlene Shechet, Barney Kulok, Roy Mcmakin "Room For Myth" at Dodge Gallery

Full Listings (All Art Events This Week)

Tuesday, February 19

+ Alan Uglow organized by Bob Nickas at David Zwirner
19 street: 519 W 19 street, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Doug DuBois at Camera Club of New York (CCNY) (School of Visual Arts Ampitheatre)
23 street: 209 East 23rd St, 7pm

Artist Talk: Laura Horelli, Sharon Hayes at International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 1040 Metropolitan avenue, 6:30pm

Artist Talk: Michael Brennan at Brooklyn Art Space (Trestle Gallery)
Brooklyn, Misc.: 168 7th street, floor 3, $5 suggested donation, 6:30pm

Keisetsu Sakon "World of Calligraphy" at Ouchi Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 170 Tillary street, suite 507, 7-10pm

Wednesday, February 20

Benefit: "Benefit Art Lottery & Party" at Issue Project Room (Three-Legged Dog)
Downtown: 80 Greenwich Street, $250 and up, 7pm

Workshop: Aileen Kwun, Avinash Rajagopal, Molly Heintz, Vera Sacchetti "Permutation 03.1: Re-Learning" on Orhan Pamuk’s "The Black Book" at P!
Chinatown/LES: 334 Broome St, 6:30–8:30pm

Pierre St-Jacques "A Gathering of Shifts" at Station Independent Projects
Chinatown/LES: 164 Suffolk Street, 6-9pm
view image »

Danny Simmons "working on it" curated by Ann Chwatsky, Frankie Crescioni-Santoni at NYU (Wagner Gallery)
Soho: 295 Lafayette street, 6-8pm

Screening: Aaron Vinton, Chloe Zimmerman, Daniel McKernan, Edward Dias III, Jenny Volodarsky, Jesse Clagett, Jon Carter, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Kristina Donello, Laura Blüer, Laura Trager, Lucio Castro, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, N. Mauricio Salgado, Pete Vale "Mono No Aware Filmmakers" at Anthology Film Archives
Soho: 32 Second avenue, 8:15pm

+ "101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides" at Aperture Foundation
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 4, 6-8pm

Bernard Childs "1950s" at Jason McCoy Inc.
57 street: 41 E 57 street, floor 11, 6-8pm

Angela Washko, Aoife Collins, Center for Utopian Socialist Studies, FASTWURMS, Hackworth Ashley, Jesper Aabile, Julian Osti, Maximilian Goldfarb, Mustafa Faruki, Paul Lloyd Sargent "A Haven" curated by Alex Young at Art Connects New York (ACNY Exhibition Space)
Brooklyn, Misc.: 220 36th Street, B-515, 6:30-8:30pm

Thursday, February 21

Gert & Uwe Tobias at Team Gallery
Soho: 83 Grand street, b/w wooster & greene, 6-8pm

"Looks Like Torture" at HERE Arts Center
Soho: 145 Sixth avenue, b/w Spring and Broome, 5-8:30pm

Gert & Uwe Tobias at Team Gallery
Soho: 47 Wooster street, 6-8pm

Dana Hoey, Dirk Skreber at Friedrich Petzel Gallery
18 street: 456 W 18th St, 6-8pm

Miroslaw Balka "The Order of Things" at Gladstone Gallery
21 street: 530 W 21 street, 6-8pm

Miroslaw Balka "The Order of Things" at Gladstone Gallery
21 street: 530 W 21 street, 6-8pm

"Gimme More: Augmented Reality" at Eyebeam
21 street: 540 W 21 street, 6-7:30pm

Zanele Muholi "Faces And Phases" at Yancey Richardson Gallery
22 street: 535 W 22 street, floor 3, 6-8pm

Lauren Beck "Unforeseen Circumstances" at Newman Popiashvili
22 street: 504 W 22 street, 6-8pm

Vera Iliatova "Days of Never" at Monya Rowe Gallery
22 street: 504 W 22 street, floor 2, 6-8pm

Kysa Johnson "Empire Loop" at Morgan Lehman Gallery
22 street: 535 W 22 street, floor 6, 6-8pm

+ Christopher Bucklow at Danziger Projects
23 street: 527 W 23rd Street, 6-7:30pm

"Geometry Interrupted" at Sears-Peyton Gallery
24 street: 210 11 avenue, b/w 24 & 25 st, Suite 802, 5-7pm

Nicolai Howalt, Trine Søndergaard at Bruce Silverstein Gallery
24 street: 535 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Performance: TRANSIT at Kent Fine Art
25 street: 210 Eleventh avenue, free, 7-9pm

Xoooox "Everything, Everything!" at De Buck Gallery
25 street: 511 W 25 street, suite 502, 6-8pm

Philip Pearlstein at Betty Cuningham Gallery
25 street: 541 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Alsoudani, Bacon, Guston, Rego at Marlborough Gallery (Chelsea)
25 street: 545 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Jim Dine at Pace Gallery
25 street: 510 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Margaret Bowland "Disturbing the Peace" at Driscoll | Babcock
25 street: 525 W 25th Street, 6-8pm

Alejandra Padilla "∞" at Praxis International Art
25 street: 541 West 25th St, 6-8pm

Shiva Ahmadi "Apocalyptic Playland" at Leila Heller Gallery
25 street: 568 West 25th Street, 6-8pm

Ethan Cook, Nazafarin Lotfi, Raymonde Beraud, Roman Liska "Pattern Recognition" at Ana Cristea Gallery
26 street: 521 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Toshiko Kitano Groner "Flowers and Fruits" at Onishi Gallery
26 street: 521 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Tamara K.E. "The Day After The Future" at Johannes Vogt Gallery
26 street: 526 W 26 street, suite 205, 6-8pm

? Kuhne / Klein "Somewhere Only We Know" at Pavel Zoubok Gallery
26 street: 531 W 26th St, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Annell Livingston, Erik Patton, Steven Peters "M.O. (Modus Operandi)" curated by Kelly Worman at Ground Arts Gallery Space
26 street: 526 W 26th Street, #9E, 6:30-8:30pm

Johnny Romeo "Grindhouse" at Porter Contemporary
28 street: 548 W. 28th st, 3, 6:30-8:30pm

"18 Artists" at Carter Burden Gallery
28 street: 548 West 28th St, #534, 6-8pm

Gavin Turk "L'Amour Fou" at David Nolan Gallery
29 street: 527 W 29 street, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Woo Jung Cho "The Book Lovers" at EFA (The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts)
39 street: 323 W 39 street, 6:30pm

Jason Nickel "Black Crucifixes" curated by Frank Sabatté at St. Paul the Apostle Church
60 street: 1 W 60 street, at Columbus avenue, 7-9pm
view image »

Doug Argue "The Art of Translation" at Edelman Arts
74 street: 136 E 74 street, 6-8pm

Book launch: George Underwood "Freedom" at Bunnycutlet Gallery
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 153 Roebling St, 7-11pm
view image »

David Antonio Perezcassar "TTART (Tequila, Tacos, Art)" curated by Giselle Burgos, Kwame Nash at Cafe de la Esquina
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 225 Wythe Ave, 6-8pm
view image »

? "Winter Benefit" for the Wassaic Project at The Invisible Dog
Brooklyn, Misc.: 51 Bergen street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Andrew Traub, Angela Jann, Austin Eddy, Benjamin Edmiston, Brain Willmont, Charlotte Hallberg, Gail Quagliata, Jason Stopa, Loney Abrams, Matthew Craven, Renee Delosh, Travis Iurato, Trish Tillman "One And Done" curated by Polly Shindler, Will Hutnick at Launchpad
Brooklyn, Misc.: 721 Franklin avenue, 6-10pm
view image »

"Another Landscape Show" curated by Peter Gynd at 440 Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 440 Sixth avenue, 6-9pm

Friday, February 22

Katie Wong, Kevin Dejewski at Culturefix
Chinatown/LES: 9 Clinton street, 10002, 8pm

"I Killed My Father, I Ate Human Flesh, I Quiver With Joy: An Obsession With Pier Paolo Pasolini" at Allegra LaViola Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 179 East Broadway, 6-8pm

Allyson Vieira "Cortège" at Laurel Gitlen
Chinatown/LES: 122 Norfolk Street, 6-8pm

John Lehr "Low Relief" at Kate Werble Gallery
Soho: 83 Vandam street, at hudson street, 6-8pm

+ Ben Schumacher "DS+R & the Bar at the Orangerie" at Bortolami
20 street: 520 W 20 street, 6-8pm

Thomas Nozkowski at Pace Gallery
25 street: 508 W 25th St, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Aimee Lee at Center for Book Arts
27 street: 28 W 27 street, floor 3, 6:30pm

+ Aura Rosenberg "I Know It When I See It" at Martos Gallery
29 street: 540 W 29 street, 6-8pm
view image »

? "Howard Wise Gallery: Exploring the New" at Moeller Fine Art
64 street: 35 E 64th St, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Oasa DuVerney "The MYLFworks Project" at Momenta Art
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 56 Bogart st, 6-9pm

Anne Vieux, Martha Mysko "Down the Pigeon Hole" at Culture Room
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 163 Starr Street, #4L, 7-10pm

Amanda Lechner, Andrew Prayzner, Christopher Ulivo, David Humphrey, Jackie Hoving, Leah Beeferman, Mike Peter Smith, Rachel Frank, Ryan Mrozowski, Sean McCarthy "In Search Of…" curated by Amanda Lechner, Christopher Ulivo, Dustin Dennis, Stephen Tateishi at TSA
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 44 Stewart Ave, #49, 7-10pm

Pablo Power "Broken Records: A Portrait Of Obsession" at Colab Projects
Brooklyn, Misc.: 487 Atlantic Avenue, 7-9pm

Saturday, February 23

Elizabeth Atterbury, Ethan Greenbaum, Graham Collins, Joe Fyfe, Marina Pinsky "Inside Order" at KANSAS
Downtown: 59 Franklin street, 6-8pm

Workshop: Herb Tam, Xin Wang "Permutation 03.1: Re-Learning" historical and contemporary copying at P!
Chinatown/LES: 334 Broome St, 3–5pm

Glen Fogel, "I feel something unspoken between us" at Callicoon Fine Arts
Chinatown/LES: 124 Forsyth st, 6-8pm

+ Arlene Shechet, Barney Kulok, Roy Mcmakin "Room For Myth" at Dodge Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 15 Rivington street, 6-8pm

Rebecca Chamberlain "Homatorium I" at Dodge Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 15 Rivington street, 6-8pm

Panel Discussion: Hans Ulrich Obrist and Massimiliano Gioni in conversation at New Museum of Contemporary Art
Soho: 235 Bowery, $8, 3pm

Joe Sorren "The Great Cantaloupe Day" at AFA (Animazing Fine Art)
Soho: 54 Greene street, 6-9pm

Conference: "Aging in the Afterlife: The Many Deaths of Art" at The New School (Wollman Hall)
11 street: 65 W 11 street, 6-10pm

Olek, Parra at Jonathan LeVine Gallery
20 street: 529 W 20 street, floor 9, 7-9pm

William J. O'Brien "Wet 'N Wild" at Marianne Boesky Gallery
24 street: 509 W 24 street, 6-8pm
view image »

Thomas Zipp "The Chips Are Down" at Harris Lieberman
26 street: 508 W 26 street, ground floor, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Larry Fink at Aperture Foundation
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 4, $5 donation, 2pm

Tom Uttech "Adisokewinini" at Alexandre Gallery
57 street: 41 E 57 street, floor 13, 2-4pm
view image »

Performance: Anni Rossi, Bentley Meeker, Feride Erlap, Kira Manso Brown, Kyle Bukhari, Michael Taussig, Olivia Ambrosia Taussig, Peter Johnson "Berlin Sun Theater: The Mastery of Non-Mastery" curated by Greta Hartenstein, Jay Sanders at Whitney Museum of American Art
75 street: 945 Madison avenue, at 75 street, $10, 7:30-9pm
view image »

Cassie Raihl, JJ MIyaoka-Pakola "Residual Volume" at Harbor
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 17-17 Troutman, #258, 6-9pm
view image »

"Slippery When Wet" at SUGAR
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 449 Troutman street, #3-5, bell #21, 5-7pm

Amy Lincoln, Hilary Doyle, Katie Bell, Paul Loughney, Robert Otto Epstein, Tuomas Korpijaakko "Inside Voices" at Parallel Art Space (formerly Camel Art Space)
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 1717 Troutman Street, #220, 6-9pm
view image »

"Squirts" at Regina Rex
Queens: 17-17 Troutman street, suite 329, 7-10pm

"S’Long As It’s Yours" at Gallery Aferro
Newark: 73 Market street, 7-10pm

Sunday, February 24

Jackie Mock, Nadja Frank, Riitta Ikonen, Sarah Kabot "Chronicle" at Denny Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 261 Broome St, 6-8pm


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