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New York
Artcards brings you to art January 27, 2015

Weekly Outlook

While there are numerous shows to see and do this week, there is also a severe weather warning for the North East. Be sure to check that galleries are still open and have not moved the times of their events, and please take care to be safe when going out.

Be sure to check the site as new shows are added daily. - Alexandra Schoell, Editor
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Editor's Picks

+ KARIM GHIDINELLI "Kingless Crown" at Cheryl Hazan view image »

Full Listings (All Art Events This Week)

Tuesday, January 27

Performance: Anthony Frattin, Anton Vitkovskiy, Milo Wissig, Ryan Smith "The Collaborators" An experiemental and interactive Live art party. Open BAR 9pm -Midnight curated by Adriane Ayma at THE ART FACTORY NYC
Chinatown/LES: 368 Broadway, 407, $25, 9pm-Midnight
view image »

Alexander Kaletski ""Inspirations"" at Le Poisson Rouge
Soho: 158 Bleecker street, b/w Thompson & Sullivan, 6-8pm

Rita Baragona "The Eye's Mind" at Bowery Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, floor 4, 3-6pm

Lecture: "27th Annual Hilla Rebay Lecture: Episodes from the Visual Culture of Electric Paris" at The Guggenheim Museum
89 street: 1071 Fifth avenue, at 89 street, 6:30pm

Performance: Mari Osanai "Becoming" curated by LEIMAY at LEIMAY (CAVE)
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 58 Grand street, 7-9pm

Wednesday, January 28

Evie Falci "Voids and Invocations" at The Lodge Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 131 Chrystie street, 7-9pm

Art Fair: "downEAST" curated by Omar Ortiz at Pop-up Gallery
4 Street: 189 E 3 street, Between Avenues A & B in Manhattan, 5pm-11pm

Alexandra Roshan Gottlieb, Cindy Shaoul, Julie Filipenko, Kristina Nemethy, Laura Okita, Leah Afriat, Michelle Hill "Stepping Out In New York" at Lilac Gallery
19 street: 144 5th avenue, 7-9pm

Merlin James "Genre Paintings" at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
22 street: 530 W 22 street, 6-8pm

Glenn Goldberg "all day" at Betty Cuningham Gallery
25 street: 541 W 25 street, 5-7pm

Artist Talk: Anna Jermolaewa, Lotta Törnroth "Salon" at International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 1040 Metropolitan avenue, 6:30pm

Thursday, January 29

Performance: David Rothenberg "Why Birds Sing and Thousand Mile Song" at apexart
Downtown: 291 Church street, b/w Walker & White, 7-9pm

Art Fair: Michael Berryhill "Art Los Angeles Contemporary" at KANSAS
Downtown: 59 Franklin street, 6-8pm

Bonnie Harper, Brandon Wisecarver, Paula Street "Infinite Horizons" at Gallery 69
Downtown: 69 Leonard Street, 6-9pm

+ KARIM GHIDINELLI "Kingless Crown" at Cheryl Hazan
Downtown: 35 North moore street, 6-8pm
view image »

Liz Nielsen "Wolf Moon" at Denny Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 261 Broome St, 6-8pm

Preview: Guy Patton, Joe Frazer, Richard Gasper, Sarah Sieradzki "Joyride" at KINMAN
Chinatown/LES: 294 Broome street, 6-9pm
view image »

Performance: Jibade-Khalil Huffman "We Don't Believe You You Need More People" at Marianne Boesky Gallery (Boesky East)
Chinatown/LES: 20 Clinton street, 7pm

Scooter LaForge "Travels with Johnny" at Munch Gallery
Soho: 245 Broome street, 7-9pm

Christopher Tanner "Eye of the Heart" at La Mama Gallery
4 Street: 47 Great Jones street, 6-9pm

"Eyebeam 2015 Annual Showcase, A Year of Alternative Maneuvers" at Eyebeam
21 street: 540 W 21 street, 6-8pm

Claudia Comte "NO MELON NO LEMON" at Gladstone Gallery
21 street: 530 W 21 street, 6-8pm

? Art Fair: Adolf Wölfli, Emery Blagdon, Mark Lombardi, Melvin Way, Philadelphia Wireman "Outsider Art Fair" curated by Anne Doran, Jay Gorney at Outsider Art Fair
22 street: 548 W 22 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Ori Gersht "On Reflection" at CRG Gallery
22 street: 548 W 22 street, 6-8pm

Maayan Strauss "Seven Sinks" curated by Adi Puterman at Andrea Meislin Gallery
24 street: 534 W 24th Street, 6-8pm
view image »

Art Fair: John Brill, Paul Laffoley "Outsider Art Fair 2015" at Kent Fine Art
25 street: 210 Eleventh avenue, 6-8pm

Rebeca Mendoza, Valeria Vilar "Being-Doing" at ARTEMISIA Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, Suite 407, 6-9pm

Emily Stedman ""Life Undressed"" at Noho-M55 Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, 5-7pm
view image »

William Steiger "William Steiger: Explorations & Surveys" at Pace Prints (Chelsea)
26 street: 521 W 26 street, floor 3, 6-8pm

Chris Schulz at George Billis Gallery
26 street: 525 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Nancy Graves at Mitchell - Innes & Nash (Chelsea)
26 street: 534 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Piers Secunda "Archived Oil: An Exhibition of Unique Crude Oil Screenprints" curated by Jessica Carlisle at David Krut Projects
26 street: 526 W 26 street, floor 8, 6-8pm

Santu Mofokeng "A Metaphorical Biography" at The Walther Collection Project Space
26 street: 526 West 26th Street, suite 718, 6-8pm
view image »

"In The Pink" at Nancy Hoffman Gallery
27 street: 520 W 27 street, 6-8pm

Michele Pred "Choice" at Nancy Hoffman Gallery
27 street: 520 W 27 street, 6-8pm

Hugo McCloud "Palindrome" at Sean Kelly
36 street: 475 Tenth Avenue, 6-8pm

Alec Soth "Songbook" at Sean Kelly
36 street: 475 Tenth Avenue, 6-8pm

Ron Cooper at Franklin Parrasch Gallery
64 street: 53 E 64 street, 6-8pm

? A.R. Penck "Between Light And Shadow" at Michael Werner Gallery
77 street: 4 E 77 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

? Antoine Pusais, Chris Succo, Daniel Heidkamp, Luke Diiorio, Ryan Estep "Let’s talk Postmodernity" at Robert Blumenthal Gallery
80 street: 1045 Madison avenue, between 79th & 80th, 3rd Floor , (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Screening: "Artful Health" at Bronx Museum of the Arts
165 street: 1040 Grand Concourse, 6:30-9pm

Moriah Evans "Social Dance 1-8: Index" at Issue Project Room
Brooklyn, Misc.: 22 Boerum Place, 6-8pm

J. Louise Makary "This is Where Wool Comes From" at Bannerette NY
Brooklyn, Misc.: 52 Tompkins avenue, entrance on Park avenue, 6-9pm

David Purcell, Etty Yaniv, Ken Cro-Ken, Riccardo Berlingeri "Floating Islands" curated by Mary Gagler at Mikhail Zakin Gallery
Demarest, NJ: 561 Piermont road, 5:30-7:30pm

Friday, January 30

Dawn Kasper "& sun & or THE SHAPE OF TIME" at David Lewis Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 88 Eldridge street, 5th floor, 9pm

Chris Polinsky, Doron Gild, Jerry Vezzuso, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, Justin Borucki, Kate Gash, Mark Roussel, Scott Dere "Homeland" curated by Mark Roussel at Studio 26
4 Street: 179 E 3 street, 6-9pm
view image »

Charles Sainty, Jesse Chung, Jesse Wakeman, Magali Duzant, Michele Gevint, Rehan Miskci "Lift Off - 2014 NYC Photography/video" curated by Elisabeth Biondi at Fridman Gallery
4 Street: 287 Spring street, 6-8pm
view image »

? Benefit: "Visual AIDS: The 17th Annual Postcards From the Edge Benefit" at Luhring Augustine Gallery
24 street: 531 W 24 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Pablo Helguera "Strange Oasis" at Kent Fine Art
25 street: 210 Eleventh avenue, 6-8pm

Composers Inside Electronics & David Tudor "Rainforest V" at Broadway 1602
28 street: 1181 Broadway, floor 3, 6-8pm

Performance: Jason Lalor "Blackbody Radiation" at Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education
163 street: 928 Simpson street, 7-9pm

Alex Golshani, Austin Durant, Brian Merriam, Bryan Banducci, Chris Velez, Cole Barash, Colin Sussingham, Daniel Arnold, Dave Singley, David Kelling, Dimitri Karakostas, Helen Levi, Jamie Florance, Jamie Shaw, Jason Blumberg, Jeff Enlow, Joe Carrotta, Joe Skilton, Josh Gold "Antimatter Art Fair" curated by Daniel Arnold, Ricardo Lozano at 7 Dunham
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 7 Dunham Place, b/w Broadway and South 6 st, 7-9pm
view image »

Dennis Tomkins "SOLASTALGIA -- PART 2" at Art 101
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 101 Grand street, 6-9pm
view image »

Ben Schumacher, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, Olga Balema, Steve Bishop "City" at William Arnold
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 94 Scholes, Apt. 3R, 7-9pm

Duane Zaloudek "Nomad Songs" at Robert Henry Contemporary
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 56 Bogart Street, 6-9pm

Amy Wenzel, Andrew Guenther, Anka Lavriv, Anka Lost, Bill Crisafi, Caroline Paquita, Dominic Musa, John O'Hara, Justin James King, Landon Morgan, Leah Koransky, Matt Grant, Miriam Nouri, Savannah King, Sugar Mountain, Thom Cowan "Creating the Illusion: Psychic Echoes" curated by John O'Hara at Gristle Tattoo + Art Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 26 Bushwick avenue, 7-10pm

Closing reception: Sylvia D. Nagy "SOLO SHOW 'Dialog in Porcelain & Canvas'" at Sweet Lorraine
Brooklyn, Misc.: 183 Lorraine street, RSVP, 7-9pm
view image »

Saturday, January 31

Screening: Shelly Silver "Touch" at Simon Preston Gallery
Chinatown/LES: 301 Broome street, 6:30pm

Daiga Grantina, Jacky Connolly, Lorenzo Bernet, Sydney Shen, Willa Nasatir "hTERT" at Hester
Chinatown/LES: 55-59 Chrystie street, Suite 203, 6-9pm
view image »

Performance: Crimson Kitty, Goldie Peacock, Pearl Harbor, Switch N' Play "Performance Sessions at Studio 26 Gallery" curated by Rebecca Lloyd-Jones at Studio 26
4 Street: 179 E 3 street, 6-9pm
view image »

Performance: Ellen Robbins "Dances by Very Young Choreographers" at New York Live Arts
19 street: 219 W 19 street, 2pm

Peter Malone "Portraits" at Blue Mountain Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, floor 4, 3-6pm

Naomi Nemtzow "Subway Series" at Bowery Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, floor 4, 3-6pm

"Love Letter Lounge" at chashama (window space)
37 street: 266 W 37 street, 2-6pm

Performance: Mollie McKinley "Cabin Fever" at Matteawan Gallery
Beacon, NY: 464 Main street, 3-8pm

Sunday, February 1

Performance: Ellen Robbins "Dances by Very Young Choreographers" at New York Live Arts
19 street: 219 W 19 street, 1pm & 4pm

Monday, February 2

Tour: "Private Tour of Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power with AFA" at The Jewish Museum
92 street: 1109 Fifth avenue, at 92 street, $25-$35, 6-7:30pm


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