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Kirsten Kay Thoen via Culturehall

Art Events this Week in New York

Each card below lists art openings & events (generally 6-8pm).

Never Miss Another Show

Wednesday, May 22

Benefit: Ben Boothby, Beth Dary, Cecile Chong, Elisa Jensen, Gregory Curry, Jaynie Crimmons, Jenny Carpenter, Karen Fitzgerald, Ken Butler, Nancy Baker, Patricia Fabricant, Peggy Cyphers, Peter Fox, Phil Buehler, Rafael Fuc, Rob de Oude, Robert Egert, Scott Chasse, Thomas Broadbent "WAGMAG 2019 Gala Art Exhibition Benefit" at

12 street: 182 Ave C, $20 admission, $250 artwork raffle ticket,
Alex Melamid, Alexander Gorlizki, Amy Hill, Barbara Friedman, Betty Tompkins, Charles Browning, Deborah Brown, Janice Nowinski, Julie Heffernan, Kathleen Gilje, Kyle Staver, Linda Griggs, Mary Ann Strandell, Michael Mapes, Michael Rees, Ruth Marten, Sherie Franssen, Suzanne Unrein , Sydney cash, Yonadav Greenwood "Afflatus" curated by Amy Hill, Suzanne Unrein at

Long Island City: 5-50 51 Ave,

Thursday, May 23

Alice Pixley Young, Allison Paschke, Ann Stoddard, Diane Cionni, d’Anne de Simone, Hend Al-Mansour, Jennifer McCandless, Jody Joldersma, Katherine Mann, Kathryn Hart, Laura Petrovich Cheney, Marlana Stoddard H, Martha Sedgwick, Mimi Oritsky, Ruth Owens, Simone Paterson "Active directions of the mind" curated by Alexis Wilkinson at

Brooklyn, Misc.: 155 Plymouth street,

Friday, May 24

Bayne Peterson, Benny Merris, David Altmejd, David B. Smith, Fred Tomaselli, Glen Baldridge, James Welling, Jess Johnson, Kelley Donahue, Lisa Alvarado, Lydia McCarthy, Matthew Craven, Melissa Brown, Mike Taylor, Sarah Anne Johnson, Saya Woolfalk, Shana Moulton, Tamara Gonzales, The Family Acid "Psychedelic Healing Center" curated by Lydia McCarthy, Sarah Anne Johnson at

Chinatown/LES: 19 Monroe street,

Saturday, May 25

Sunday, May 26

Tuesday, May 28

Never Miss Another Show