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Artcards is a digital publication that believes in the importance of seeing art in person. If you want to take control of what you see, experience the richness of art in person, or be part of an artistic community, then Artcards can help you get there. To do this, Artcards lists all art events and makes it easy to create your own list and personalized map. In addition editor's picks and reviews introduce you to the latest in contemporary art. Since our inception in 2005, we have listed over 45,000 art shows in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin.

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Where to Start

  • this website for future reference.
  • Sign up for the free weekly email update. A concise, comprehensive list of all the art events going on in your city.
  • Find art events happening this week on our city homepages: New York Art Events, or San Francisco Art Events. When you click the arrows next to each event on the main list, the event will be added to your list on the right side. You can click the gallery name for the gallery's website, or click the address to map it on Google Maps.
  • Find ongoing shows to see during normal gallery hours. Listed by neighborhood. Go to: New York Ongoing, or San Francisco Ongoing
  • Print or Email your picks to a friend - simply click on "print" or "email" at the bottom right of the main list.
  • Download the Artcards iPhone App for free from the Apple Store. The app gives you easy access to all the week's events and ongoing shows while you're on the go.
  • Galleries: submit your event.
  • Sponsors: Download the Artcards Media Kit.
  • Writers: Artcards not in your city yet? Send us an email at, and we can work together to launch your city!
  • Bloggers & Competitors: let's be partners! We are open to partnerships to share our content and/or trade ad inventory to make all of us stronger. Go to contact info.

The Artcards Team


Morgan Croney - Founder of Artcards and Editor of Artcards New York
Morgan draws on his experience from the School of Visual Arts MFA Program to bring an artist's view of what is happening now and what is most important and worth seeing in the New York art scene. You can find Morgan frequently out at gallery openings and events. Say hi!

Emma Spertus - Editor of Artcards San Francisco
MFA Hunter College, New York
Emma wants to foster art dialog and criticism by making art events in San Francisco Bay Area easier to access on one all inclusive website. She hopes to encourage cross-Bay art viewing, it is only a bart ride or Bay Bridge crossing away. You can find Emma in Oakland, San Francisco, or another art destination of interest.

Brinson Renda - Editor of Artcards Miami
BFA University of South Florida
Brinson is an Artist, Curator & Editor in South Florida. She tries to give readers an insider's perspective of the macrocosm that is the art world. Her mission via Artcards is to find, post & review exciting new shows for her South Florida audience & entice them to engage with their local artists so they too can experience Miami's art scene.

Sonel Breslav - Editor of Artcards London

Anne Bitterwolf & Susanne Treumann - Editors of Artcards Berlin

Lee Foley - Editor of Artcards Los Angeles

Gabriella Radujko - Research Contributor

Brian Greene - Research Contributor

Lee Ann Norman - Deputy Editor, Artcards New York

Jason Benson - Deputy Editor, Artcards San Francisco

Eva Gurevich - Deputy Editor, Artcards San Francisco

Emily Steinfeld - Deputy Editor, Artcards Los Angeles

Helen Homan Wu - Editor-in-Chief, Artcards Review

Howard Hurst - Assistant Editor, Artcards Review

Carissa Pelleteri - Photo Editor, Artcards Review

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Morgan Croney - Product Development

Ruth Harris - Marketing and Customer Development

Joseph Croney - iPhone Application Developer

Guadeloupe - Office dog

Artcards is Green

By our estimates we have already saved over 24 trees worth of paper by sending announcements online rather than with physical postcards!

Artcards Headquaters is based at Green-Desk in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. The office uses carbon-neutral and green practices wherever possible.

Have you seen our promotional flyer around? Thanks to Rolling Press, they are printed on 100% recycled paper and inks that require no harmful chemicals.

Help us be green! Subscribe to our free updates and forgo wasteful, postal, art show mail.

Privacy Policy

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Any optional information you may opt to give us is kept strictly confidential. No one person's information is ever shared. We will, however, share general demographics (age, income, etc.) in aggregate to selected partners at our sincere discretion. For example, we might share with an advertiser what percent of our users are male/female. Email us if you have a question.


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