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New York
Artcards brings you to art August 3, 2010

Weekly Outlook

Thursday is the best night in the Manhattan and it's great to see so many images next to the listings on that day (galleries, check out our submission form if you would like to add images to your shows too).

Friday and Saturday are also busy as the action moves over to Brooklyn and Queens. Beautiful weather for gallery hopping and plenty of great ongoing shows for during the day.

New on Artcards Review:
- This week's Featured Artist: Carol Irving, explored by Helen Homan Wu.
- "Retratos Pintados: A Pleasant Surprise," a review by Howard Hurst on the latest show at Yossi Milo. 
- "The Tragedy of Beauty @Exit Art: Pairing Poetry + Photography" reviewed by Gabriella Radujko.
- And over in the San Francisco Bay Area, Megan Seelie contributes "Sleeping in Public."

Hope to see you out there!

Editor's Picks

+ Charlotte Posenenske at Artists Space

+ Book launch: Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Timothy Hull "Accidental Egyptian and Occidental Arrangements" at Printed Matter, Inc.

+ Cathy Nan Quinlan, Joy Curtis, Sharon Butler curated by Hrag Vartanian at Norte Maar (Storefront)

Full Listings (All Art Events This Week)

Tuesday, August 3

+ Charlotte Posenenske at Artists Space
Soho: 38 Greene street, floor 3, 6-8pm

Wednesday, August 4

? Workshop: Garin Baker at Salmagundi Art Club
11 street: 47 Fifth avenue, at w 11 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

"Two-Way Street" in association with Choque Cultural at Jonathan LeVine Gallery
20 street: 529 W 20 street, floor 9, 6-8pm

"Annual Summer Invitational" at Jonathan LeVine Gallery
20 street: 529 W 20 street, floor 9, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Beatrice Coron, Doug Beube, Elizabeth DeSole, Ken Montgomery "I will cut thrU: Pochoirs, Carvings, and other Cuttings" at Center for Book Arts
27 street: 28 W 27 street, floor 3, $10, 6:30pm

Carl Apfelschnitt, Dianne Bowen, Gruber, Harlan Emil, Heide Hatry, Holly Crawford, Josef Astor, Kate, Kimberly Burg, Marni Kotak, Michael Manning, Renee Kahn, Richard Humann, Rikki Ducornet, Selma Karaca, Suzanne Benton, Vincent Baldassano, Walter M. Crump, Yuliya Lanina "Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage" curated by Lisa Paul Streitfeld at HP Garcia Gallery
38 street: 580 Eigth avenue, b/w 38 & 39 street, floor 7, 6-9pm

Richard Cox "Subterranean Architecture - Stepwells in Western India" at Tamarind Art
39 street: 142 E 39 street, 6-8pm

? "Accrochage - Summer 2010" at Kouros Gallery
73 street: 23 E 73 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Thursday, August 5

Kal Spelletich "Cosmicism and Contemporary Forestry from Northern California" at Jack Hanley Gallery
Downtown: 136 Watts street, 6-9pm

view image »

christian.ryan, Eric Kniss, Heath Montgomery, Kristin Ashley, Liliya Zalevskaya, Matthew Thomason, Melissa Sullivan, Sam Peck "___TENSION: New Works On The Rise" at Christina Ray
Soho: 30 Grand street, 7-9pm

view image »

Artist Talk: R. Luke DuBois, Scott Draves "Theatrical Properties" at Bitforms (Google NYC)
15 street: 75 Ninth avenue, floor 2, 6-7:30pm (doors open at 5:30pm)

Open Studio: "Summer Residency Program Open Studios" at SVA
21 street: 133 W 21 street, at 6 avenue, floors 1, 2, 4, & 9, 6-9pm

+ Book launch: Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Timothy Hull "Accidental Egyptian and Occidental Arrangements" at Printed Matter, Inc.
22 street: 195 Tenth avenue, at w 22 street, 6-8pm

Jack Toolin "Perfect View" curated by Nina Colosi at Chelsea Art Museum
22 street: 556 W 22 street, 6-8pm

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Group Show "Journey into Art at Agora Gallery's Summer Exhibition" at Agora Gallery (chelsea)
25 street: 530 W 25 street, 6-8pm

Jasin Lifshin "Big Break at Billymark's" at Billymark's West
29 street: 332 Ninth avenue, 7pm

view image »

Johannah Herr "Have a Nice Day" at Chashama (window space)
37 street: 266 W 37 street, 6:30-9pm

view image »

"tart@ A.I.R. 2010: What's In A Collective?" curated by Anna Lise Jensen at A.I.R. Gallery
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 111 Front street, 6-8pm

Josama Madera "Eyecon Cept NYC" curated by Misha Tyutyunik at Collective Consciousness NYC
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 10 Jay street, suite 605, 6-11pm

view image »

"Cityscapes Photography Show" at Mighty Tanaka Gallery
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 68 Jay street, suite 416, 6-9pm

Closing reception: Sean Capone "Field Transitions | Memory Screens" at Dumbo Arts Center (DAC)
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 30 Washington street, 6:30-9:30pm

view image »

Emile H Dubuisson, Francisco Correa-Cordero, Gautam Kansara, Hai-Hsin Huang, Jaclyn Conley, Jee Hwang, Jung Eun Park, Lothar Osterburg, Mahtab Aslani, Maria Kondratiev, Minori Sanchiz-Fung, Olek, Sarah Nicole Phillips, Taganyahu Swao, Yuhi Hasegawa "Non-Native New York" curated by Brian Bell, Linn Edwards at de Castellane Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 525 Atlantic avenue, 6-9pm

"Glossolalia" curated by Amanda Thackray at 58 Gallery
Jersey City: 58 Coles street, 7pm-midnight

Friday, August 6

"The Invisible Woman" at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center Inc.
Chinatown/LES: 107 Suffolk street, 6-9pm

Tun Myaing "Journey to the End of the Night" curated by Samantha Levin at Anagnorisis (White Rabbit)
Soho: 145 E Houston street, b/w Forsyth & Eldridge, 7-10pm

view image »

Open Studio: Adam Abel, Alison Cheng, Anna Ogier-Bloomer, Aubrey Hays, Bobby Davidson, Chang Kim, Charlie Rubin, Chelsey Morell, Chrissy Lush, Christina Labey, Colleen Fitzgerald, Dominica Paige, Dylan Entelis, Egemen Pekoz, Elisa Schwalm, Ho Chang, Jaehee Hwang, Jose Soto, Jun Ahn, Kha "Open Studio: MFA Photography and Related Media" at Parsons
13 street: 25 E 13 street, floor 5, 6-8pm

view image »

Kenjiro Kitade "Drops" at Ivy Brown Gallery
13 street: 675 Hudsom street, floor 4N, 6-8pm

Jena H. Kim, Jongil Ma "Illusive Dimensions" at Tenri Cultural Institute
13 street: 43 W 13 street, 6-8pm

Lecture: "Gene Liebel, director of research and user experience at HUGE" at SVA
21 street: 136 W 21 street, free with RSVP, noon-1pm

Allison Sommers , Amy Crehore, Anthony Ausgang, Camilla d'Errico, Daniel Hyun Lim, David MacDowell, Jennybird Alcantara, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon Rodriguez, Justin Brooks, Lisa Petrucci, Mia, Sarah Joncas, Scott Altmann, Tony Philippou, Tristan Henry-Wilson, Van Arno "The New Order" at 99% Gallery and Art Center
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 99 North 10th Street, 7-10pm

"Spazi Segreti, or Mendacity, Mood: A simposio exhibit" at Centotto :: galleria [simposio] salotto
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 250 Moore Street, suite 108, 7-10pm

+ Cathy Nan Quinlan, Joy Curtis, Sharon Butler curated by Hrag Vartanian at Norte Maar (Storefront)
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 16 Wilson avenue, 6-9pm

Alexandre Guillaume, Claudia Sbrissa at Muriel Guepin Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 47 Bergen street, 6:30-9pm

Michael Zachary, S. Billie Mandle "New Work" at Fountain Studios
Brooklyn, Misc.: 604 Grand avenue, 7-10pm

"6th International Outdoor Series: Middle East" Dance, Music, and Film at Queens Museum of Art (New York City Building)
Queens: Flushing Meadows Corona Park, 6:30-10pm

Screening: Tom Murray "Dad's in Heaven with Nixon" at Parrish Art Museum
Southhampton, NY: 25 Jobs Lane, $20, 5pm

Saturday, August 7

Panel Discussion: "Negotiating the Urgency of Alternative Art Spaces" organized by Helga Christoffersen and Erik Pauhrizi at New Museum of Contemporary Art
Soho: 235 Bowery, 3pm

Chris Schiavo, Dana Meijilson, Erica Leone, Grace Kim, Maria Ines Manchego, Marla Leigh Caplan, Sarah Palmer, Stacy Mehrfar "Amplified Photographies" curated by Abigail Simon at Brooklyn Association for the Development of Camera-based Art and Theory (BADCAT) (BADCAT Mobile 1)
10 street: 223 W 10 street, 6-9pm

view image »

"Abstract Intentions" curated by David Gibson, Keren Moscovitch at SVA
21 street: 133 W 21 street, at 6 avenue, 5-8pm

"NewBreed II" at Last Rites Gallery
33 street: 511 W 33 street, floor 3, 7-11pm

Tour: "ArtCrawl Harlem" at Canvas Paper and Stone Gallery
139 street: 2611 Eigth avenue, at w 139 street, $55, noon-4pm (6pm reception)

Workshop: "Soap box Derby" at Open Source
Brooklyn, Misc.: 255 17 street, b/w 5th & 6th avenue, kids noon, adults 1pm

Julian Dashper "It Is Life" at Minus Space (project space)
Brooklyn, Misc.: 98 4th street, 3-6pm

"First Saturdays" at Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn, Misc.: 200 Eastern Parkway, 5-11pm

"Tunneling" at Famous Accountants
Brooklyn, Misc.: 1673 Gates avenue, 6-10pm

Henry Chung "Identity/Anonymity" at Screwball Spaces (Sweet Lorraine Gallery)
Brooklyn, Misc.: 183 Lorraine street, floor 3, 7-10pm

Performance: Clara Jo, Dave Landsberger, Desiree Alvarez, Dreamboat Crusaderz, Gerry Mak, Ribcage (a Miami-based literary arts collective), Veronica Lopez "Bear Walk for Agility Training" curated by Cathy Woodard, E. Parker Phillips at Unnameable Books
Brooklyn, Misc.: 600 Vanderbilt avenue, 8-9:30pm

Jeong Min Park, Lo Ching, Qin Feng, Quan Handong, YoYo Xiao, Zheng Lianjie "Metamorphosis of Ink" at Crossing Art Gallery
Queens: 136-17 39th avenue, 3-6pm

Jennifer Williams (inaugural exhibition) at The Homefront Gallery
Queens: 26-23 Jackson avenue, noon-6pm

view image »

Performance: "Warm Up" at P.S.1
Queens: 22-25 Jackson avenue, at 26 avenue, $15, 2-9pm

Sunday, August 8

Tour: "ArtCrawl Harlem" at Canvas Paper and Stone Gallery
139 street: 2611 Eigth avenue, at w 139 street, $55, 1-5pm (6:30pm reception)

Ann Rosen "In the Presence of Family: Brooklyn portraits" at FiveMyles
Brooklyn, Misc.: 558 St. Johns place, 4-7pm

Monday, August 9

Workshop: Mario Robinson at Salmagundi Art Club
11 street: 47 Fifth avenue, at w 11 street, 9:30am-3:30pm


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