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Ongoing: Brooklyn, Dumbo

Miss an opening? Want to see art with fewer distractions? Each card below lists New York art shows that are generally open Tue-Sat, 10am-6pm.
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Shows Currently Open: Brooklyn, Dumbo

pick Mixed Media: Deborah Castillo, Dynasty Handbag, Farah Al Qasimi, INNER COURSE (Rya Kleinpeter and Tora López), Jan Mun, Jen Liu, Jesse Harrod, Kristina Davis, Lady Parts Justice League's Vagical Mystery Tour, Luis Mejico, Madhini Nirmal, Natalie Baxter, Rachel Mason "Laugh Back" curated by Lindsey O'Connor at Smack Mellon
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 92 Plymouth street, at Washington
Ends August 18th, 2018
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Morgan Croney, Publisher
Josephine Heston, Editor, Artcards New York
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