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Miss an opening? Want to see art with fewer distractions? Each card below lists New York art shows that are generally open Tue-Sat, 10am-6pm.
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Shows Currently Open: Editors Picks

pick Manuela Soto "Meant to Be" at Lubov
Chinatown/LES: 373 Broadway, #207
Ends July 8th, 2018
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pick Allyson Vieira, Gloria Maximo, Josh Kline, Liz Magic Laser, Oto Gillen, Paul Chan, Paul Pfeiffer "Evidence" curated by Josh Kline at Metro Pictures
24 street: 519 W 24 street
Ends July 27th, 2018
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pick Mixed Media: Edie Fake, Jasmin Sian, Jeffrey Gibson, Jodie Mack, Josh Blackwell, Judy Ledgerwood, Miriam Schapiro, Ruth Root, Sanford Biggers, Sara Rahbar "Surface/Depth" The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)
58 street: 2 Columbus circle
Ends September 9th, 2018
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pick Anna Parisi, Baseera Khan, Firelei Baez, Jasmine Murrell, Keisha Scarville, Layo Bright, Melissa Calderon, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Saya Woolfalk, Stephanie A. Lindquist "Carry Over: New Voices from the Global African Diaspora" curated by Kalia Brooks Nelson at Smack Mellon
Brooklyn, Dumbo: 92 Plymouth street, at Washington
Ends June 30th, 2018
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pick Christine Rebhuhn "Emotional Shorthand" curated by Eriola Pira at NARS Foundation
Brooklyn, Misc.: 201 46th street, floor 4
Ends June 29th, 2018
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pick Carolina Fusilier, Daniel R. Small, George Awde, Hiwa K, Hong-Kai Wang, Nicholas Mangan, Nonfood, Sean Raspet, Shadi Habib Allah, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Susan Schuppli "74 million million million tons" curated by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Ruba Katrib at SculptureCenter
Queens: 44-19 Purves street
Ends July 30th, 2018
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