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Ongoing: Thirties & Fourties

Miss an opening? Want to see art with fewer distractions? Each card below lists New York art shows that are generally open Tue-Sat, 10am-6pm.
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Shows Currently Open: Thirties & Fourties

Painting: Florian Eymann "Interpretation" at Avant Gallery
33 street: 20 Hudson Yards
Ends April 19th, 2020
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Cari Clare, Denisha Wright, Ellen Mandelbaum, Ingrid Sletten, John Devaney, Juanita Gilmore, Marsha Peruo, Pat Gericke, Susan Harris-Demmet, Valerie Lynch, Virginia Asman "BLACK AND WHITE" at Gallery35
35 street: 30 E 35th Street
Ends April 19th, 2020
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Joseph Kosuth "Existential Time" at Sean Kelly
36 street: 475 Tenth Avenue
Ends May 2nd, 2020
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Aarati Akkapeddi, Andrea Cauthen, Asuka Goto, Claudia Cortinez, Douglas Collins, Felix Plaza, Julia Elsas, Kajahl Benes, Nick Irzyk, Nina Feigin "Mining Memories" curated by Eva Mayhabal Davis at Lower East Side Printshop
37 street: 306 W 37 street, floor 6
Ends April 12th, 2020
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Installation: Tirtza Even, Toby Millman "Fractured Testimonies from Palestine" at AC Institute
48 street: 16 E 48 street , Fourth Floor
Tues-Sat, 1-6pm, Thurs, 1-8pm
Ends April 25th, 2020
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