Images from Basel, Scope, Nada, Seven, Fountain, RiffRaff, Rubell Collection, de la Cruz Collection, Locust Projects, Primary Projects, Spinello Projects, Salem at the Delano, and one director getting her gallery ink. Click images to enlarge.

Basel vernissage

Rodolphe Janssen booth at Basel

Pier Paolo Calzolari, 1978, at Basel

Tobias Rehberger at Basel

Jose Davila at Basel

Cheyney Thompson at Basel

Tony Shafrazi booth at Basel

Gelatin at Basel

Ambach & Rice at NADA

Primary Projects

Spinello Projects


Locust Projects

Bureau at NADA

Ramiken Crucible at NADA

Rawson Projects at NADA

Kate Werble booth at NADA
John O’Connor at Seven


Salon wall at Seven, Tom Sanford MJ painting

Jonathan Schipper at Seven

Rico Gatson at Seven

Paul McCarthy, 1992, Rubell Collection

Rubell Collection

Rubell Collection

Joel Kyack at the Rubell Collection

Riffraff curated by Cecelia Stucker




The Hole hosted Salem at the DelanoSalem at the Delano

with smoke machines

and strippers in the pool


Adam Taye at Fountain

de la Cruz Collection

Sterling Ruby at the de la Cruz Collection

Aaron Curry at the de la Cruz Collection
de la Cruz Collection

de la Cruz Collection


de la Cruz Collection

Sarah Hardesty at Pulse

Margie Livingston at Pulse


William Powhida at Pulse

Michael Scoggins at Pulse

Kristen Schiele at Pulse

DB Burkeman, Sticker Historian, at Scope
Stephanie Hague at Scope

Spinello Projects at Scope

Spinello Projects at Scope


Cooper Cole booth at Scope

Jen Stark at Scope

a.m.f. projects at Scope

And…   Reppin’ Zach Feuer Gallery