Bus Fire (2010)

I had the feeling that Michael Stickrod is somewhat of a 21st century neo-Romanticist when I saw his assemblages. A dusty postcard, a half-torn hotel letterhead scribbled with messages, a used pencil from his mother, handmade knives from his father, Michael saves everything that has personal value. These personal mementos quietly meld into his palette for producing work that’s full of vivid narratives. Before I got to know Michael personally, I was curiously drawn to his assemblages showing at the group show Untitled at NP Gallery. His story is particularly strong because each object – though casually pinned on the cork board – had gone through many places and cycles of time. The way the artist chose to light these artifacts using a single warm lamp almost feels as if we’re looking through his eyes. Yet these clues are not enough, many pieces of the puzzle are still missing. Continue Reading More »