Photo: Hans Schabus Klub Europa, 2010

Marlene HaringMarlene Haarig oder In meiner Badewanne bin Ich Kapitän! (Marlene Hairy or In My Bathtub I am the Captain), 2005
Kriech- und Badeperformance / crawling and bathing performance  (
Courtesy the artist)

This week, the art world in Berlin is charged with the news that the 6th Berlin Biennale is opening today. Some of my friends in Berlin have been sending me the Biennale’s teaser news and events (check out the Facebook fan photos) in which I awfully wish I can be a part of. The Berlin Biennale was originally founded by the director of the Kunst-Werke Contemporary Art Institute in 1998. In its 6th year, the Biennale has developed into a sophisticated yet seemingly still retaining its avante-garde taste. Each year a different curator is appointed and this year the curator is Kathrin Rhomberg. Without doubt there will be an interesting mix of artists and art enthusiasts crossing paths here from around the world. Some of the participating American artists are Mark Boulos (1975, Boston), Shannon Ebner (1971, Englewood), Cameron Jamie (1969, LA), George Kuchar (1942, NY), Margaret Salmon (1975, NY), and Gedi Sibony (1973, NY). Show venues will be positioned at six locations throughout the central hub of Berlin, with numerous art education workshops as well as talks and performance events.
The 2010 Berlin Biennale runs from June 11 to August 8, 2010. Get the full program here on the BB6 website.