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While those donning 6-inch heels are running around NY fashion week in Chelsea and SoHo, coincidentally art folks in kicks and flats are running around New York Art week. It’s not officially NYAW but September 9th marked the beginning of another exciting season in the art world, the biggest gallery week of the year. Artcards team has been working doubletime to list our picks and shows, completely unfiltered for our readers. From hi-brow Chelsea on Thursday to the Lower East Side on Sunday, the openings were a huge fiesta, and I was lucky to experience both sides of the horizon. There are lots of photos in this post, so it may take a minute to load, but scroll down for more.

Justin Adian and Rhiannon Kubicka at Blackston Gallery

Alex Hubbard and friend at the Kitchen

Alex Hubbard and friend at the Kitchen

Marian Goodman and friend at Marian Goodman

Marian Goodman and friend

Natalia Mount at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery

Laurel Gitlen Gallery

Rachel Uffner Gallery

Pam Lins

The Mobile Literacy Arts Bus Team (MLAB)

Samantha Harmon

"Maybe She's Born With It" by Samantha Harmon

"Sidetrack" by Heather Bennett