painting by Sylvia Ji

A thick cloud of people accumulated outside The Luggage Store Gallery (SF) on Friday night to witness the 10th anniversary of Fecal Face. Fecal Face started back in 2000 when the punk rock skater kid, John Trippe started showcasing artists he thought were rad online at fecal face dot com. Since 2000, Fecal Face has developed a cycle in which “the artists that gravitate towards us are also the same artists that we lean towards” (Trippe).

The Luggage Store Gallery

On Friday night, many of those artists came out to show their work and appreciation for Fecal Face, renowned to be an open space to nurture art. All three floors of The Luggage Store Gallery were packed with works of art from every medium imaginable. True to the free style of Fecal Face the entire bottom floor was spray-painted to make the room itself a work of art. I had already seen many of the pieces displayed in the show online, which made seeing these tangible pieces like visiting old friends. An awesome level of diversity was created by showcasing 28 artists, which ensured there was a piece for everyone to adore. Also, many of the pieces boasted a level of craftsmanship that would impress any onlooker, such as Maya Hayuk’s three dimensional mural. The only thing this show lacked was artist labels. Other than that, the tri-level 10 year anniversary show is what I imagine Fecal Face gallery could always be. The show is up for one month, which is horribly short for such a historic and incredible show, so come see it while you can.

September 10th – October 9th, 2010

mural by Maya Hayuk

stencil by Shepard Fairey

photo by Tod Seelie